Are you ready to trade your vehicle in Franklin? It can be an exciting moment for some, especially if you're looking to upgrade to another car. But, it can be depressing once you bring your vehicle to the dealership and realize that you're not going to get the full value for your car. You'll probably wonder what happened to decrease the Kelley Blue Book value. Well, here are a few ways to prep your car throughout ownership so you will always get the full trade-in value.

Pro-Tip #1: Stay Up-To-Date on Your Regular Maintenance

It can be easy for you to miss a date on your maintenance schedule. Your life is busy, and sometimes, you tell yourself that you'll get it done next week. But, next week soon turns into almost a year later. Before long, your small maintenance check has turned into a major repair that may cost you hundreds or thousands in Windsor.

Not only that, but the repair has the potential to decrease your trade-in value. When dealerships grab your Carfax report, they'll see what happened to your vehicle, what was repaired, and if it was enough to decrease your value. And to think that it all could've been avoided if you kept up with your maintenance schedule. If you have plans on trading or selling your ride, make sure that it is something that people want to purchase—or you may end up getting less than you bargained.

Pro-Tip #2: Keep it Clean

A dirty interior or exterior vehicle is a big turnoff. Give it a thorough wash, a fresh coat of wax, and take it in for detailing in Suffolk. You always want to put your best foot forward when you have something up for sale, so your vehicle is no different. If you bring your car in and it is filthy, most dealerships will factor in the work they have to do to prep your vehicle for sale.

Don't decrease your value by skipping out on a detailing service or a fresh wash and wax. Let your vehicle sparkle and shine both inside and out. Then, other dealerships in Pendleton will be hard-pressed to find a reason to lower the value of your automobile.

Pro-Tip #3: Customize

If the vehicle is yours, then you'll have every right to customize it. But, always keep in mind that your customizations may increase or decrease your value. For example, it's probably not a good idea to get your name engraved across the dashboard of your vehicle or painted on the exterior. I mean, it's a great personalization effort, but unless someone else has your name, nobody will want to buy it. On top of that, the dealership will factor in the cost of your name's removal.

If you customize your sports car with an upgraded engine or you've added fringe comforts like seating or a sunroof, you can expect more money in return. If you customize your car, truck, or SUV, always do it with the potential of selling later down the line. Your upgrades can definitely upgrade your return when you trade or sell your car in Wakefield.

New and Used Inventory at Blake Ford

As always, a great place to trade your vehicle is at Blake Ford. Whether you're ready to upgrade to one of our new or used vehicles or simply get cash for your car, our no-hassle process is suited for you. Our finance associates will use your traded vehicle to lower your upgrade price and then find a loan suitable for your budget. It's a smooth process from start to finish with Blake Ford. Are you ready to trade today? Contact us and get started. Your upgrade is just a few clicks away.

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