In the past, raw horsepower was most revered as a sign of performance excellence. While horsepower and torque are still admirable, there are other performance attributes that now make a difference to buyers considering a Ford model for purchase. New electric and hybrid models now join the ranks of desired performance in Ford models, and options for these engines are spread throughout new and used Ford inventory. Ford trucks have always been appreciated for their performance enhancements. Recent improvements in their powertrain technology have also made them more desirable than ever before.

Electrified vehicles have made their way into Ford's lineup and are there to stay. There are three types of electric models: plug-in hybrids, hybrid, and complete electric. Models like the Ford F-150 and Ford Explorer are offered as hybrids, while the Ford Escape and Ford Fusion are available as plug-in hybrids. The only all-electric model Ford has to offer currently is the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Putting a new spin on how we see performance, these vehicles use as little fuel as possible while relying on electric power.

Commonly known for horsepower production and capability, Ford F-Series trucks and the Ford Super Duty remain some of the top performers in this brand's line. The Ford F-150 is even offered as a hybrid while still maintaining its namesake strength. The exemplary engines and components that form the basis of Ford trucks lead the way for these models to be deemed best in class for available towing and available payload. The 3.5-liter PowerBoost hybrid engine has also won many awards for its versatility and sustainability. Balancing social responsibility with the need to produce extra horsepower for the job ahead, new and used Ford Trucks fulfill the expectations of customers who are modern and hard-working.

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